Why is a healthier, happier workforce almost always a more successful one?

How does your business measure its overall goals? Some simply stick to pure, hard financial figures, whereas others will point to their staff retention as a positive marker. Of course, modern businesses in this day and age have a broad range of aims to fulfil, but typically, it's their bottom line by which their success will be measured.

However, by focusing only on the dollar signs, you could well be losing sight of what is important – your staff. Your people are the ones that keep the cogs of business turning, so it makes sense that you should look after them as best you can. After all, it's no secret that a happy employee will be more productive than a disgruntled one, so how can you ensure that your workforce is as happy as can be?

Your people are the ones that keep the cogs of your business turning, so look after them as best you can.

If you're happy and you know it… 

Of course, ensuring that your employees are engaged with their tasks is a great way to improve productivity. After all, if they're focused on their work, it's only natural that a great deal more will get done, and to a higher quality. But how can you go about ensuring that your team is happy? After all, there is no failsafe barometer for measuring happiness, yet there are still ways to help your workforce to be as happy as they possibly can. Simple acts of recognition, offering incentives and showing that you care about their wellbeing can all put a smile on their face, but why is this important in the scheme of things?

According to a study carried out by Happiness Works, firms which attempt to ensure a happy atmosphere at their place of work will see both absenteeism and employee turnover fall by approximately 10 per cent. Productivity, though, will go in the opposite direction, with an increase of 5 per cent. Hence, it's easy to see why it's well worth your time fostering a happy environment in the work-related arena.

Health matters

It's not just a happy workforce that can increase productivity – a healthy one can really reap the benefits, too.  This is why several organisations are choosing to enrol in wellness programs – but it's not just helping employees to get fitter that these concepts involve. Though it's true that they do offer access to gyms to help employees better their physical health, the employee welfare goes well beyond this to include mental and financial wellbeing.

How happy are your employees?How happy are your employees?

In fact, a study carried out by Fidelity Investments found that 87 per cent of firms complement their physical wellness with mental and emotional services to ensure that every health facet is thoroughly covered. Be sure to get in touch with the expert team at Flexi Personnel to find more about these beneficial programs.