Temporary Staffing Services

While temporary staffing can give your business a lot of flexibility, it can also add to your list of things to manage.

Therefore, Flexi Personnel acts as a temping agency for a number of its clients.

Do your staffing requirements change from time to time?  Temporary staffing is a great solution for companies whose staffing requirements change throughout the year.  If your business is seasonal or your requirements change at any time, working with a Temporary Staffing agency can be a great way to increase or decrease your staffing levels quickly and with minimum disruption to your business.  It also allows you to focus on the running of your business instead of constantly recruiting for your ongoing temporary staffing requirements.

A vast majority of our workers work on a temporary to permanent basis – for example, they work as a Flexi Personnel employee for a certain period of time and then they transfer over to be an employee of the host Client for a smaller fee than what is normally charged under our Permanent Placement Service agreements.

When a candidate leaves, we go back to our talent pool to recruit the position again, taking as much care and time the second time as the first.

When it comes to hiring a temp, invoicing can take up a lot of time and resources.

Like a temping agency, Flexi Personnel have spent a great deal of time setting up efficient and effective systems and processes to manage invoicing. Here’s the proven 3 step process for our temporary staffing services:

Step 1:

A timesheet is generated for completed work

Step 2:

Our Recruitment Management System (RMS) ensures that it is processed by the responsible Recruitment Consultant

Step 3:

The timesheet is checked by the relevant Business Manager and confirmed by payroll

This triple-check quality process forms part of our Quality Management System, ensuring that invoices and employee pays are error-free.

Temporary Staffing