Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent  Staff Recruitment Division caters to a range of industry sectors and works hard to find you the right candidates.

The quality of people that represent your business is almost always at the heart of your productivity.

Flexi have provided Permanent Staff Recruitment Solutions for over 20 years.  We have experience, expertise and a solid base of people, networks and resources – all for you to draw on.  We pride ourselves on clearly understanding your requirements and using that knowledge, building a list of suitable high quality candidates from within our existing networks, whenever possible.

By providing high quality candidates, Flexi Personnel can guarantee a very low turnover. On average, for every 30 permanent staff, there is only 1 person we have to replace.

Our Permanent Recruitment process includes:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening candidates
  • Interview and testing (face-to-face for every candidate)
  • OH&S Induction and testing (candidate is provided with a booklet outlining all the necessary health and safety information).
  • Reference checks (at least two per candidate)
  • Placement of candidates in positions
  • Communication from clients and candidates
  • Regular meetings to ensure that the position is appropriate and to rectify any issues

For those candidates who leave and are covered by our guarantee period, we replace the role at no charge.

Our Permanent Recruitment Consultants spend a considerable amount of time and effort in getting the right person for the role in the first instance. They spend time in ensuring that staff are happy in the role via calls at regular intervals throughout the guarantee period. For any replacements – we would generally treat them as if they were the first candidate placed and follow the same procedures to ensure they stay in the position.  Our Permanent Recruitment Solutions combine quality candidates, excellent service and low risk for your business.

Our Flexi guarantee period ensures you have peace of mind throughout the recruitment process.

Learn more about Flexi guarantee period

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