Is Labour Hire the right fit for your business?

Is Labour Hire the right fit for your business?

Ever wondered if Labour Hire is the right fit for your business?

If you’re building a business that depends on managing a temporary workforce, you have two choices: either recruit and employ staff yourself or engage a Labour Hire Agency.

There are pro’s and con’s for each of these approaches that depend on a few criteria:

  • Is work constant? Or does it fluctuate?

If your demand is relatively constant (but of course subject to seasonality); you could manage the recruitment and scheduling internally. However, if it fluctuates (for example requiring 10 workers one week and 15 the following week), it can be challenging to manage recruitment, job allocation and scheduling internally. Additionally, it can be challenging to reallocate workers to other areas of the business. In these instances, it makes more sense to use a Labour Hire Agency

  • Do you have capacity in your recruitment team?

If you are planning to manage a largely temporary workforce in-house, you need to have adequate capacity for interviewing, screening, background checks and scheduling. As temporary workers can be unavailable, unwell or unsuitable for certain types of work, the process of recruitment is ongoing – it doesn’t stop. If this is an area of your business that you’re not adequately resourced for, you will need to increase the resourcing in your recruitment team or outsource to a Labour Hire Agency.

  • Do you have strong payroll processes?

Maintaining a happy temporary workforce is primarily about getting the pays right – each time. It’s also about paying on time, correctly and communicating any changes quickly and effectively. If you are considering managing a largely temporary workforce internally, ensure that your payroll processes are strong and that you are adequately resourced in this area. Then we recommend you stress-test the payroll processes.

  • Ensure you have effective communication channels

Flexi can communicate any changes to its workforce quickly and effectively via an SMS communication channel. This means that if there are last minute changes, workers will be notified immediately and we’re not dependent on staff to call each worker individually. This helps workers manage their work week and keep in touch with us easily.

Would you like further information to understand if working with a Labour Hire Agency is the right choice for your business? Speak to the recruitment team at Flexi Personnel.