Recruiting?  Here’s how to make your job ads stand out from the crowd

Recruiting?  Here’s how to make your job ads stand out from the crowd

If you’re competing against other companies in the ‘War for Talent’, it’s time to reevaluate your recruitment marketing strategies.  This is basically how you attract and engage candidates to your company.  Ideally, your Job Ad should be the final piece in the process.  So where do you start?

Get a clear understanding on who your ideal candidates are

You as an employer need to know what makes up your ideal candidate and what makes them tick!  Then you will better understand what your candidates want in a new job – the types of working arrangements and perks they’ll be attracted to and other benefits like autonomy and growth opportunities.  You also need to know the types of remuneration packages that will attract both active and passive candidates.

Focus on great content

Start gearing your Job Ad towards your ideal candidate.  Consider the language that you’re using and make sure that it aligns to your Company brand.  But always consider the jobseeker first and foremost.  Many job ads open with the blurb about the employer and most are a quick copy/paste job from the last time that you were hiring for a similar role.  Resist the urge to cut corners and instead create a fresh, appealing job ad that has a good chance to attract the right talent.  If you’ve got a great company culture – find colourful, rich language to bring you ad to life.  If you’ve got a fantastic remote and flexible work policy that appeals to a lot of staff, focus on that.  But try to consider what is most appealing to your candidates.  Also reduce your mandatory bullet-point list of qualifications and experience and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box because some of the best candidates might not have the exact right experience you’re looking for, and you don’t want to deter them from applying.

Promote your Employer Brand

Businesses that are more successful in their recruitment strategy have a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  Businesses that have a great employer brand can attract and retain the best talent and generally have a positive working culture.  The process  to develop a strong EVP is to firstly understand what employees like and dislike about your existing culture.  Then there is a process of showcasing the positive aspects (often through employee-generated content) and finding solutions to remove or reduce the areas that employees didn’t like about the culture.
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