Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) the answer for more flexible recruitment services?

RPO (Resource Process Outsourcing)

The landscape of recruitment has changed significantly. The market is calling for more flexible and tailored solutions and more and more businesses are looking for tailored approach, that’s where RPO comes in

said Wayne Fleming, the CEO of Flexi Personnel,
an integrated recruitment services provider in Melbourne’s West.

You only pay for the recruitment services that you use and incur no fees or penalties when you choose not to.

Previously the exclusive domain of large enterprise, Flexi Personnel is making ‘RPO’ accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

With 2 or 3 year contracts being unaffordable to the smaller businesses who maybe only after a solution for a particular project, Flexi Personnel makes it easier for companies to outsource recruitment services for short term projects, with much more flexible terms and with considerably less fixed costs.

Flexibility and scalability is inherent in Flexi Recruitment framework. It puts the clients in control and lets them decide how much or how little of their recruitment process they’d like to outsource, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

RPO model is a fresh alternative to Executive Search

With proliferation of social media, Executive search is becoming increasingly outdated and potentially unethical form of Recruitment.

The most typical practises are glossing over the shortcomings of a candidate or failure to conduct a proper reference check.

Unlike Executive Search model where a hiring manager is at the mercy of a head-hunter, RPO approach offers transparency and full control throughout the entire process, letting the clients be as involved as they wish.

When you are considering the costs for both models the choice for RPO becomes a no brainer. With permanent recruitment services fees traditionally ranging from 15% to 25% of the annual remuneration depending on the role, it’s no wonder that many clients are turning to RPO as a cost effective alternative to meet their Executive Search needs. Here’s an example:

When a landscape construction company opted in for Flexi RPO service to fill in the Operations Manager role, they only paid a fraction of the traditional price as they were charged by hour. The client’s objective of the recruitment process was to hire a qualified candidate as quickly as possible with no time wasted. This outcome was delivered by Flexi in a matter of a few days.

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) the answer for more flexible recruitment services?
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