Why a strong Employer Brand is more important than ever

Why a strong Employer Brand is more important than ever

When executed effectively, having a strong Employer Brand attracts high-calibre candidates to your organisation and increases your retention rates.  Your Employer Brand is your identity and reputation as an Employer in the market.  Employer Branding is important not just to attract the right talent to your business but it also increases the engagement and commitment from your existing employees.

One of the largest impacts of COVID on the recruitment industry in Australia has been the brakes that have been put on hiring off-shore talent. This means increased competition between employers in certain industries such as Computer Programming and IT.  Currently employers are struggling not only to attract the right talent but also to retain them with counter-offers becoming commonplace and wages increasing in order to retain sought-after employees.

So what are the steps to creating and delivering a strong Employer Brand?  Creation of an Employer Brand can be a collaborative approach between the Talent Acquisition/Recruitment and the Marketing teams.  It’s a process that comes from the existing company culture.  For that reason, it’s recommended to understand your current employees:

  • Survey your Employees

Get an understanding of how your employees feel about your company.  What attracted them to your business?  What do they like about working for the business?  How does it meet their needs for growth?  What are the other benefits that resonate with them?  What advice would they give to new starters?

This enables you to understand your culture, areas for improvement and areas to promote through your touchpoints.

  • Define your Values

What is important to your organisation?  What are the behaviours that underpin success for your employees?  Your people should understand how and why they work and interact with one another.  Your values are a big part of your Employer Brand and should underpin your stragegy.

  • Source and highlight your Employee stories

People identify with people.  And stories.  This process involves finding a broad cross-section of employees in different roles and at different levels.  It’s important that they embody the values of your organisation and identify with your Employer Brand.  Bring their stories to life across your marketing touchpoints such as social channels, online and video.  The overarching theme should be why they chose to work at your business and how it’s working for them.  Ensure that you focus on the areas of the business where you find it particularly challenging to fill roles.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Continue to survey your employees but focus on what they like about your business and where you could improve.  Ensure you develop an action plan to improve on areas that require it.  Keep your employees happy and motivated and help them see a future with your business.

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