How to manage the workplace during the holiday season

Anyone who has worked in an office knows how frantic it can get during the holiday season and how this can affect productivity. It's a stressful time of year because employees feel overloaded trying to complete projects and want to finish the year on a high note.

However, there are ways to make the mood more jolly; here are some great HR policies for finishing off the work year with less stress while also maintaining productivity. 

Make a list and check it twice 

Planning is integral to any company, but it becomes particularly important when the holidays roll around. In that last month of December, time gets away from you faster than you expect.

Determine what needs to be done this year and what can be done next year.Determine what needs to be done this year and what can be done next year.

CIO discussed this topic with Laura Hamill, an organisational psychologist and chief people officer at Limeade, who pointed out that goals have to be realistic. If there are some tasks that don't absolutely need to be completed before the holidays, you might consider extending the deadline. This makes your goals feel attainable and doesn't overwhelm your employees to an unnecessary degree. 

Determining who is going to be in and out of office and when is also important so that you don't run into any staffing issues. Margot Dorfman, co-founder and CEO of the US Women's Chamber of Commerce, told Engaged HR that it's important that you know who will be on call and when, as well as who will cover for them on important projects when they're not around.

By coming up with a solid plan for the last month of the year, you'll reduce the probability of stressful surprises with deadlines or unavailable employees. 

Celebrate your employees during the holidays

The holiday time is an opportune time to reward your employees for a year of hard work.

The holiday season is also an opportune time to reward your employees for a year of hard work. One reason for this is it will keep morale up and increase motivation.

The American Management Association also suggests loosening up the dress code during the holidays. This makes people feel relaxed and keeps them motivated for the fast-approaching break. Holiday decorations can similarly get people excited and in the festive mood while also signalling that the workplace does not have to be all work and no fun. 

It's no easy task trying to stay on schedule while also celebrating and increasing employee motivation during the holiday season. This is where Flexi Personnel can help – our HR consultants can give you practical advice for maintaining a positive and productive work environment during the holiday season.