Need Staff Over the Christmas Period?

Need Staff Over the Christmas Period?

Christmas is quite often a time where staff choose to use up annual leave they have accrued and make the most of the holiday season with family and friends.  Depending on the nature of your business, a labour shortage during this period can cause some problems.  Some businesses tend to ‘wind down’ but for others, it’s business as usual.  If this is the case for your company, a great solution can be partnering with a Labour Hire company.

Why Labour Hire?

Labour Hire is a great alternative to employing a temporary employee to cover the leave for your permanent employees.  Let’s face it – recruitment is expensive.  Regardless as to whether you outsource to a recruitment company or recruit internally yourself, costs include advertising and the time it takes to screen applicants, interview, background check and organise paperwork.  Then the real work begins with onboarding new employees and taking them through OH&S and Workplace procedures.

As an alternative, working with a Labour Hire partner can offer a range of benefits:

1. Large talent pool

Labour Hire companies have a large pool of candidates that have been interviewed, background checked, skill-tested and are ready to go.  This means that you have a greater pool of talent to select from and you can easily increase your labour requirements quickly and easily.

2. The recruitment processes are taken care of

The entire recruitment process will be managed by your Labour Hire partner.  This just leaves on-the-job training, meaning you can bring on as little or as many new employees into your business in a short period with minimal disruption to your business.

3. No commitment

During peak season, you might need well-trained staff to meet your company’s demands, but what about in the off season? You do not want to pay for labour you don’t need and won’t use, but you might feel uncomfortable firing staff when you might need to use them again at some stage. You can easily increase or decrease your requirements, with a quick phone call to your Labour Hire partner.

The benefits of working with a Labour Hire company long term mean that they have a clearer understanding of how your business operates, important skills that candidates must have and how best to operate together to meet your business requirements.  If you need staff this Christmas, speak to the team at Flexi Personnel.

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