10 OH&S Issues you didn’t Realise you were Overlooking

10 OH&S Issues you didn’t Realise you were Overlooking

You might not realise that you have OH&S problems, but they can be a serious hindrance to your business. Many companies have to deal with OH&S issues, but there are several types of OH&S problems that some companies commonly overlook. Here are some of the OH&S issues you didn’t realise you were overlooking.

1. Working hours and breaks

It is important that all of your team members are working based on the commonly accepted OH&S standards for work days and overtime. Generally speaking, an 8-hour workday and 40-hour work week is the norm in various parts of Australia, but different positions may require different hours. Make sure that your schedules are fair and give your employees the opportunity to still have a personal life.

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2. Workplace stress

Stress in your work environment can be a serious detriment to the well being of your employees. The National Health and Safety Commission recognised stress as the most dangerous psychological hazard in the workplace. Make sure to monitor your employee stress levels so that you are confident that they are not in any danger because of high stress.

3. Inspections at work

To ensure that your workplace continues to stay compliant with OH&S regulations, you must be sure to run regular inspections. This could be one of the OH&S issues you didn’t realise you were overlooking, as many companies don’t have sufficient inspections in place or don’t hold them often enough.

4. Dangerous conditions in the workplace

It is important that you do everything possible to minimise dangerous situations in the workplace so that your employees can be as safe as possible. Make sure that you regularly inspect your working environment to ensure that any dangerous elements are removed so that they no longer pose a risk to your employees.

5. Injury reporting

Another one of the OH&S issues you didn’t realise you were overlooking is the way that you document workplace injuries. In the event that an injury happens, it is critical that your organisation has a way of reporting these events so that they can get taken care of as soon as possible. If an injury goes undocumented, your company might face a very surprising and serious OH&S issue in the future.

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6. Use of equipment

If you are using any type of machines or equipment in your workplace, you must be certain that the instructions for these devices are well understood by those who are responsible for using them. Make sure that you have documents in place that will help employees use these devices safely. If you do not train your employees sufficiently, you might be facing legal liability.

7. Drug and alcohol use

Keeping your workplace free from drugs and alcohol is also very important for making sure that employees stay safe. If you could face any penalties or legal action from an accident that came about because of an employee that was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you might want to consider establishing a drug-free policy at your office and taking measures to enforce it.

8. Improving compliance with OH&S regulations

Many businesses have a liaison that helps them stay up to date with the latest OH&S regulations and rules as they develop. At the very least, there should be someone at your office that is responsible for understanding these developments and determining how they should be communicated to the rest of the company.

9. Workplace ergonomics

For companies that have employees who sit, stand, or do the same thing very often throughout the day, ergonomics is an important concern. Your chairs, work surfaces, and other equipment should all be set up in a way that can help you minimise the harm that comes to your employees.

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10. Handling of safety concerns by team members

When there is a safety problem at your workplace, you must have a procedure in place that your employees should follow. They must know how to put a halt to pertinent work activities and report these incidents to management so that they can be addressed in the proper fashion.

These are just some of the OH&S issues you didn’t realise you were overlooking. For a more extensive listing, make sure to check the latest regulations and updates that come from the federal and local laws that govern your type of business. If you address the most common types of OH&S issues you didn’t realise you were overlooking, there is a better chance that your workplace can remain accident-free and safe for your employees.

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