3 things Pokemon Go tells us about recruitment

With the recent release of Pokemon Go, trainers across the globe are embarking on their own journeys to recruit the best Pokemon they can. It made us think a bit about what we can learn about recruitment from the game and, funnily enough, there is a lot that can be taught.

1. A good one only comes every now and again

When you go out to catch some Pokemon, they will always be lurking around. For the most part, however, none are exactly what you are looking for.

Whenever opening up a position, you need to be prepared for the same thing to happen. Even with optimised job advertisements and position descriptions, there will always be people applying who aren't quite right for the role. Don't lose hope, though, because an ideal candidate is often hiding just around the corner.

2. The better they are, the harder they are to catch

Just like a skilled job candidate, if you run into a high-level Pokemon, you have to work harder to get them under your belt.

Similarly, highly qualified and skilled candidates may be more inclined to negotiate, especially if they have received multiple offers or feel that they can add a lot to your operations. Before you start negotiating, as an employer, it's important to know how far you can go. For instance, a $10K pay rise equates to around $190 a week, so don't promise something you can't deliver. 

When a great candidate pops up, if you don't act fast, someone else will scoop them up.

3. If you don't act fast, they'll run away

Like capturing that Pikachu, recruitment doesn't have to be rushed. But it sure helps to stay on the ball, especially if you don't want an ideal candidate to escape.

Take a YouGov survey of German job seekers that found that applicants were waiting up to six weeks to hear back about an application. With 59 per cent applying for at least 10 jobs and 25 per cent responding to more than 40 advertisements, this shows just how competitive the job market is. Therefore, when a great candidate pops up, if you don't act fast, chances are that someone else will have already scooped them up.

Ultimately, making sure the recruitment process is run smoothly and effectively can make a world of difference to your recruitment quest. While this can ensure you miss out on catching the very best, it can be difficult to do alone. With guidance from a master, you'll know that your talent pool will be filled with more than just Magicarps.