It’s the perfect time to plan your next move

It’s the perfect time to plan your next move

There wouldn’t be many people who would argue that 2020 has been a fantastic year for building their careers. It’s certainly been a topsy-turvy world for most of us. There have been few certainties. Many people have found themselves out of work for the first time in their career and are applying for new roles or looking at reinvention to adapt to changing times. From speaking with job-seekers and employers, here are some of our observations and recommendations: 

Nothing is Permanent

Depending on your industry, your role and your level of experience, job security may or may not have been a reality for you pre COVID-19. Now? Since COVID 19 hit, millions of workers have lost their jobs. For those looking for employment, competition is heightened (a rough average is there are 5 times the amount of applicants for roles than pre_COVID). There are also far less roles available. If you have entered into a role with the opinion that it is long-term, think again. 

The market is dynamic

The market is subject to change and the types of roles and industries that will become in-demand will change quickly. It’s important to have many strings to your bow and use your time wisely up-skilling or diversifying your service offering if you are a freelancer. Consider reinventing your skillset to meet the demands of a changing market. It’s also a time to have your finger ‘in a lot of pies’ and be able to move quickly when opportunity presents itself. 

There is no better time than to explore opportunity

Jobseekers have shared with us how companies have been treating them during this time.  For many of them, it’s been a key factor in how they see their future with the employer and even their career. Some candidates have used the experience to ‘pivot’ and explore other careers and industries. Now is the perfect time to plan your next career move. Career counselling has been taken to a new level when candidates have shared their personal experiences with us. It’s been a humbling experience and we don’t take it lightly. 

If you are a job seeker and would like to speak with the team regarding opportunities that might become available in the market or explore re- skilling for a new role or industry, please speak to the team at Flexi Personnel