Some unconventional tips for job seekers

Some unconventional tips for job seekers

If you’ve been hunting for a new job and haven’t been successful, you’ve probably been following the standard job search processes such as updating your LinkedIn Profile, sharpening your Resume and making contact with your extended network.  So if these things aren’t working, what can you do differently that might help you land a job?

First let’s start with your network.  Many people start reaching out to their network and letting them know the type of role they are looking for.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this approach, however:

Joel Schwartzberg, writing for recommends a slightly different approach. He suggests:

  • Make more time for different kinds of people
  • Start with the relationship, not with the Resume
  • Focus on what you can offer, not what you can get out of the relationship

Be Practical

Many people start looking for their ‘dream role’ or think they should ‘follow their passion.’ However, Cal Newport, author of So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love, says that if you study people who end up loving their work, most of them did not follow a pre-existing passion. “Instead, their passion for the work developed over time as they got better at what they did and took more control over their career.”

Define your Story

Have you spent some time out of the workforce or had a bit of a career bump or slump?  If your career history is unconventional, plan through how you can build a story that can engage future employers.  This might include a ‘highlight reel’ of experiences that showcase why you are a good fit for a position.

Develop Relationships with Recruiters

If you read through a Job Advertisement and feel like you would be a good fit for the role, make contact with the Headhunter or Recruiter first before submitting your application. This might involve a bit of Detective work if the details aren’t provided. By developing a relationship, you are humanising the process in a way that a Resume can’t.  If you have an opportunity to get in front of a recruiter, you need to leave a very strong, positive and lasting impression.  Iggysprint writing for Medium suggests that people are looking for confidence and insights.  If you can articulate why you are the best person for the job and leave the recruiter wanting more, you’ve got your foot firmly in the door.
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