Why you should be hiring millennials

Why you should be hiring millennials

Millennials tend to get a ‘bad rap’ in the press and are painted as high-maintenance job-hoppers. However, there are plenty of reasons as to why millennials are a great asset to your business.   According to Wikipedia, Millennials are the group of individuals born between the 80’s and early 2000’s .

According to McCrindle, millennials make up 34% of Australia’s workforce and constitute 22% of Australia’s population (5.22 million). Conversely, Gen X’ers make up 31% of the workforce and 20% of the population.

So what are the benefits of hiring millennials for your workplace?

Jason Richmond, writing for Business.com suggests that millennials are some of the most highly skilled and educated generations to enter the workforce. Their understanding and use of technology can be of huge benefit to a business. Millennials are open to and enjoy working in teams to complete projects and have a sound history of working in teams, thanks to years of team sports and activities growing up.

If you are wanting a fresh perspective or approach, it can be beneficial to hire millennials who can approach standard ways of operating and make changes to increase efficiencies or improve the bottom line.

Practically speaking, millennials can often be a more cost-effective hire than a Gen X or a Baby Boomer. Their soft skills can be incredibly valuable and can make a huge contribution to company culture. Quite often, millennials are flexible thinkers who are solution-focused and optimistic, which can be a great addition to a company. Sammy Nicklass, writing for Lifehack, suggests that millennials are intrinsically motivated – a major plus if you are having issues with non-engaged staff. They are also fantastic big-picture thinkers – they are interested in not just the underlying financials of a business but how the business is improving and contributing to society. As Nicklass suggests: ‘Generation Y is looking to change not only the office space, but the world as we know it. And they absolutely will.’

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