How to follow up after a job interview

It's always nice to walk out of a job interview feeling good about yourself. Whether you formed a great relationship with the recruiter over your favourite sports team, perfectly explained your remarkable resume or clearly cited the reasons why you should get the job, most people look forward to hearing the result.

Of course, this begs an interesting question. What are you supposed to do in the period of time between a job interview and receiving notification? Should you nervously wait by your phone or should you be actively pursuing the recruiter for an answer? While your actions depend on the circumstances, there are several general rules to follow.

The 'thank you' email

Thank the recruiter for their time and consideration.Thank the recruiter for their time and consideration.

One of the most important points to remember is that some recruiters will say "we'll call you if you are successful". While this is a nice way of saying don't annoy us, there is certainly no harm in sending a pleasant 'thank you' email or LinkedIn message after your job interview.

According to Forbes, your email can be short and sweet – no need for unnecessary detail here. Simply reaffirm your interest in the job, mention that you would welcome a second interview and politely thank them for the opportunity. If you are the only candidate to do this, it immediately puts you ahead of the pack.

It's best to send a message within 48 hours of the interview – when your interview is still fresh in the memory and recruiters are probably still deciding on their candidate of choice.

Respect the process

Be patient, respectful and open after a job interview.

Across many industries and sectors, there could potentially be hundreds of candidates all going through the job interview process. Even Rome wasn't built in a day and finding the perfect fit might take weeks or even months once all the final checks have been made.

As such, respect the recruiter and any timeframe they explain. Apart from the 'thank you' message, if they say the process will take four weeks, don't unnecessarily interfere or annoy them with phone calls and emails. This will only harm your application and waste your own time.

Of course, during this period, recruiters suggest continuing to seek out other jobs and opportunities which can be used as leverage if you receive a second interview. Be patient, respectful and open after a job interview – it might just pay off in the long term.

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