Is your recruitment service working for you?

From hiring temporary support staff to placing a permanent role, many companies tend to stick to the same service to find talent and fill these vacancies, rather than look around at different providers. 

However, as we approach a new year, now could be the time to re-evaluate whether you need to look into a new recruitment management provider.

Are they properly expressing your brand?

Over the past few years, the importance of building a compelling employer brand is becoming more key in a competitive environment. Right from the start of the recruitment process, interactions are a two-way conversation in which businesses need to sell the role as much as the candidate needs to appeal to the company.

A survey from Universum found 60 per cent of CEOs felt they owned and were responsible for the employer brand, yet only 39 per cent have built a strategy to utilise this to find talent. Getting some assistance in building a talent strategy may become vital for busy business leaders who are struggling to properly attract the right candidates.

3.7 million Australians have a LinkedIn page.

Are they using the right platforms?

In a modern candidate search, making use of social media is a vital task for recruitment strategies. According to Social Media News' most recent statistics report, there are now over 14 million steady profiles on Facebook. In addition to this, 3.7 million Australians have a LinkedIn page, making it the sixth-most common social media platform. 

General Manager of Glassdoor for Employers Steve Roop explained the growing trend of moving to new methods of communication where traditional channels are failing. 

"Potential candidates are researching opportunities through new, interactive channels, and hiring decision-makers are planning to invest more in these channels to attract more qualified candidates," he said.

Are they finding the top talent?

Despite best efforts from a company or an agency, finding the talent in tough markets can be a real challenge. 

A recent survey from Glassdoor found that 48 per cent of companies often didn't have a desirable number of qualified applicants for advertised roles. A further 20 per cent were unable to track the factors that encouraged jobseekers to apply for roles.

Finding the top talent requires innovative techniques.Finding the top talent requires innovative techniques.

In an innovative world, using stale and tired techniques to find the required staff will no longer cut it. Companies need assistance to build smart strategies that effectively entice potential candidates to a role instead of hard-selling. 

A business is nothing without its workers and getting the right partners to help you find new candidates is vital in acquiring much-needed talent for any company. Not only can recruitment process outsourcing help you find the best candidate for the role, it can also save you time and money searching for them yourself. A specialist recruitment agent knows the market inside out and can connect you with the most valuable person for your business.