6 Elements of the Job Advert Guaranteed to Find your Perfect Candidate

6 Elements of the Job Advert Guaranteed to Find your Perfect Candidate

Your company needs a new project manager. This person needs to have a certain degree and some experience working as a project manager. Additionally, the job will require a few late nights every month or so; therefore you need someone who is flexible and driven. This person should also be comfortable leading a team, and they should be up to date on the latest software.

So how do you compile all of this information into a sharp job advert that will find you the perfect candidate?

The best job adverts are straight and to the point. They give a solid description of the work needed and outline the qualities of the perfect candidate. They are specific without being too wordy, and they contain these six vital elements. See how to create a job advert guaranteed to find your perfect candidate.

Employer Branding

Giving your company a certain brand is essential for attracting the right talent to your company. You might want to promote your flexible work policy, including any work-from-home benefits, or maybe your office participates in a few charity events every year. Anything that shows how your company promotes its values should be used to help brand your company.

Always remember that first impressions are key. Introduce your company in a positive light that highlights what makes your company so great to work for.

Detailed Job Titles and Description

The problem with some job titles and descriptions is that they never quite address what the job actually is. The title is vague and the description lists some of what the employee will do, but most of the tasks are seemingly unrelated. These titles and descriptions rarely attract the right person.

Say what the main job will be right in the title. Sales person. Social media marketer. Project manager. Don’t try to mask one job as another, like passing off a sales job as a type of marketing job. People looking for marketing jobs will be frustrated, and people looking for sales positions won’t know your ad is actually geared towards them.

List the biggest projects the job seeker will be doing and then list a few odds and ends. Try to outline what the job seeker will be doing on a day-to-day basis.


Necessary Requirements

If there was ever a place to be vague, this is not it. The necessary requirements can help you weed out the qualified from the unqualified in no time flat. Need someone with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering? Say so. Want three years of experience? Don’t forget to mention it. These shortlists are a great way for candidates to easily see if they are qualified or not.

Keep your requirements down to five. Any more and you might be narrowing down your applicant pool too much. Seeing a long list of requirements might scare off potential candidates. They might not know if they actually qualify, and they might not both applying at all.

Five requirements will be enough to define what is essential for your position. You might include:

  •    Education level desired (degree, certificate, etc)
  •    Number of years of experience
  •    Proficiency in a type of software
  •    Need for working late nights or weekends
  •    Abilities or skills such as good communication

Description of Perfect Candidate

Here is your chance describe your perfect candidate using all the information from above. When a candidate reads this, he or she should be able to picture him or herself in the position and should feel comfortable in their ability to take on the job.

Describe what the person’s day will be like while working for your company. What tasks will they do every day? What tasks will be done every month or every year? What time should they arrive and leave the building? Who will this candidate be working with the most?

Enticing Perks

One of the best ways to encourage people to come work for you is to show them what is really in it for them. They might get an employee discount on certain products or services, or maybe your company offers raises almost yearly.

These perks will not only help you attract the best people, but they will also help you tip the scales if the candidate is between two job offers. Make sure they know what great perks they can expect from your company before they even apply, and they will be sure to keep them in the backs of their minds.

Final Word Closing

This is your last chance to say something dynamite about your company and encourage candidates to apply. Briefly outline your company’s goals and values, and describe how this particular position contributes to the company as a whole.

You should also mention any earning potential or starting salary if you already know what that will be. Most of the time, candidates will post their own salary requirements, but if you know you can’t pay more than a certain amount, it is best to list this upfront.

Of course, do not forget to encourage candidates to apply. If you want them to email a CV to a certain inbox or fill out an online application, be sure to mention it here. If you have a date by which you need the position filled by, mention it here as well.

To attract the right employee, you need the right job advert. Your job advert will be the first step in the recruitment process. Ensure that your company is portrayed in a positive, attractive light and be specific about what you need from your candidate. If all goes well, the right candidate will see your well-written advert and apply right away.

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