How to recruit effectively using LinkedIn

How to recruit effectively using LinkedIn

Do you currently advertise roles on LinkedIn? Whether you are a recruiter or a small business that does its own recruitment, it’s likely that part of your recruitment strategy will include advertising a role on social media. However, it’s important that you understand your company’s strengths and service offering before you begin recruiting. It’s also important to get a clear understanding of how you plan to approach the process, which includes making decisions about which social media channels to choose and how to advertise.

We’ve found LinkedIn to be an excellent tool for sourcing high calibre candidates that might not necessarily be applying for roles. Although you can recruit quite quickly using social channels, it’s important that the recruitment process is not rushed and the standard processes are followed. Social channels can be an excellent way of determining candidate suitability based on how their profile showcases their skills, experience, recommendations and affiliations to relevant Industry groups. Additionally, if a candidate has an incomplete profile or doesn’t include enough detail about their experience with a company, it’s important to take notice of what information needs confirmation if they reach interview stage.

Sourcing the best candidates for a role often involves accessing the passive candidate pool of candidates that aren’t necessarily searching for new job but might be tempted by a strong offer. There are a few ways that we use to source the best candidates on LinkedIn:

  • Ensuring our company page is up-to-date and relevant and has a strong value proposition aimed at the market
  • Ask staff to set up LinkedIn profiles (if they haven’t already) and link to your company page
  • Advertising available roles on our company website, sharing them on our LinkedIn company page and encouraging our employees to share them to their networks
  • Getting clear about what the essential skills and experience are for the role and using the search function of LinkedIn to explore potential candidates who may be your 1st, 2nd or 3rd connections.

Depending on the nature of your business (whether you are a recruiter or just need to recruit internally), there are paid LinkedIn subscriptions. LinkedIn recommends the following:

    • Get hired and get ahead with Premium Career.
    • Generate leads and build your clientele with Sales Navigator.
    • Find and hire talent with Recruiter Lite.
    • Get detailed business insights and expand your business with Premium Business.
    • Improve your existing skills and learn new ones with LinkedIn Learning.

These subscriptions will enable you to contact LinkedIn contacts that you aren’t linked to and increase your options in terms of searching for candidates.

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