Gen Z’s approach to work is different to many other generations.  Here’s how:

Gen Z’s approach to work is different to many other generations.  Here’s how:

Generation Z is comprised of individuals born between the ages of 1995 and 2010.  Currently Gen Z’s outnumber millennials, comprising of 32% of the global population.  Gen Z’s approach to work is subtly different to previous generations.  Here are some factors to bear in mind when developing an employee value proposition (EVP) that attracts and retains quality Gen Z candidates:

  • Re-skilling is top of mind

With automation and AI becoming an increasing threat to job security, Gen Z employees want an opportunity to re-skill in their workplaces.  An employer who promotes this initiative will be looked upon favourably.

  • Freelancing is big

Gen Z workers embrace the ‘gig’ economy and can make inroads to working for their dream employer by taking on small projects on a freelance basis.  Similarly, millennial and Gen Z managers are more likely to build a flexible workforce comprising of permanent, temporary and freelance workers to increase efficiencies and reduce overheads.

  • They embrace remote working

Gen Z make the most of the benefits of technology and can easily collaborate with others from different locations (sometimes even different countries).  Due to the large amount of project work in many large companies, remote working makes seeking out expertise easy.

  • They’re budding entrepreneurs

Many Gen Z have a ‘side hustle’ and see themselves as future entrepreneurs, which could be perceived as being partly driven by the impermanence of traditional careers.  They may seek out mentors in a workplace and prefer large companies where there is an ability for them to move between many different roles.

  • They want to have fun

With the demographic between work and play reducing, Gen Z candidates are looking for workplaces where they not only like the work, they enjoy socializing with their co-workers outside of the office.  According to a survey of 400 Gen Z workers, 65% are looking for a ‘fun’ working environment when assessing the cultural fit of an organization.

  • They’re astute

If Gen Z employees don’t feel that they are working for a company where they can flourish, they will cut their losses early and leave.  They don’t waste time working in an environment that isn’t the best match to grow their career.  They will look for the ‘sweet spot’ where their talents are welcomed and encouraged to grow.  Want to retain Gen Z talent?  We suggest meeting with them early in the induction process to determine their sweet spot.

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