How to attract and retain top notch Gen Z talent

How to attract and retain top notch Gen Z talent

Recruiting a multi-dimensional workforce comprising of Gen X, Y and Z employees and understanding the unique drivers and desires of workers can be a challenging remit for any company. As we edge towards 2020, this will be the first time in modern history where there will be five distinguishable generations working along side each other.

We are definitely coming to the end of the alphabet when it comes to distinguishing between generational groups! Just when you think you understand the recruitment drivers for millennials, the newest group of candidates is just about to hit the market.

Gen Z is the latest group of individuals entering the workforce. Sometimes described as post-millenials, Gen Z are born in 1995 or after and have clearly defined desires when it comes to their preferred working conditions. Here are some tips with bringing top notch Gen Z talent into your business and retaining them:

  • Act quickly

If you want to secure the best, you need to act quickly – students expect to be working within 5 months post graduation. Additionally, two thirds of millennials are slated to prefer a stable job, even if they are not necessarily passionate about it, according to Joyce Russell, author of ‘The “how to” guide to millennial talent: Thought leaders share their views on the HR profession and its direction for the future.’

  • Share socially

There are many benefits to having an active social media presence: you are seen as relevant and credible within your industry. Additionally, you are able to get in contact with the candidate market wherever they may be – distance is no barrier. When employers were asked what the key criteria were to build a better workforce, two criteria were digital: social sourcing and digital advertising.

  • Provide opportunities for growth

Gen Z crave stability but also a company that will support their ability to grow. Additionally, there is quite often a huge knowledge and skills gap between content covered during study and graduate role requirements. Therefore, businesses who can offer comprehensive training opportunities to candidates will often stand a better chance of securing talent than others.

  • Transparency

Outlining a progression path for your candidates and providing opportunities for them to cross-skill, up-skill and ‘shadow’ others within your organisation will enable them to understand the benefits of working with your business in the long term.

  • Provide flexibility

Employees appreciate the ability to work flexibly and on their own terms. This might involve working from home one day a week, working remotely or working during the times of the day (or night) that appeal to them, rather than a standard 9-5 shift (dependent on the requirements of the role).

Should your business require assistance with attracting and retaining Gen Z talent in your business, speak to the HR Consultants at Flexi Personnel.