How do you spot an engaged workplace?

How do you spot an engaged workplace?

An engaged workplace contains staff that are actively engaged in their roles and who put in their best effort. They act in a way to further their business’ interests and can be key to helping a business achieve success. Conversely, disengaged employees can be a huge hindrance. According to a Gallop Consulting Group poll of 47,000 people, it was found that:

  • 82% of people were not fully engaged in their current role
  • 61% did what was necessary to do the job, and
  • 21% were actively disengaged

So how do you know if your employees are truly engaged?

Di Lewis, in her article ‘Top 7 Signs of Engaged Employees’, from Allencom, states that there are certain characteristics that are signs of true employee engagement:

  • Open and constructive communication that is less about commentary and more about driving a business
  • Helping to make the work environment a positive experience for others
  • Able to think and talk ‘big picture’
  • Shares strategies for constant improvement
  • Seeks ways to improve, both personally and professionally
  • An ability to fill roles internally, reducing turnover and ongoing recruitment costs

What can you do to increase employee engagement in your workforce?

Tim Eisenhauer, in his article: ’10 Simple Secrets You Need to Know to Increase Employee Engagement’, recommends starting at the top with regards to increasing employee engagement. This means that business leaders need to ‘walk the walk’ and actively model the desired behaviours. It’s also important for leaders to be seen as transparent and approachable within the business. Employees should feel comfortable seeking out leaders and there should be an expectation that business leaders will be open and honest in their dealings with staff. It’s also important that business leaders are visible within the business and provide feedback, guidance and praise to staff members where appropriate. Flexibility, in allowing employees to adjust their work schedules is another key factor in increasing employee engagement.

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