Is the new year a good time to start job hunting?

As we prepare to see the end of 2015, it's natural to reflect on certain aspects of our lives. One of the most pressing matters that comes to mind is our career. 

Many people are ready to try a new role. However, is now a good time to re-enter the professional recruitment pool?

According to Roy Morgan, there were 11,768,000 Australians in employment in November, a record high for the country. 

The number of jobseekers has also decreased since the previous year, dropping by 74,000 to a total of 1,186,000. With less competition for jobs, finding a new role could be an easier undertaking next year. 

Here are two key considerations to help you best prepare for your next job hunt. 

1) Getting your documents up to date

Even if you are not actively looking for a change of job just yet, the new year means a fresh start and extra time to attend to paperwork and other matters. At the top of the to-do list should be revising your CV and other career documents.

At the top of the to-do list should be revising your CV.

Adding in new roles, achievements and qualifications now will save you time down the track. Make sure you also review the existing text to see if  you can make any improvements.

Tim Corson and Rebecca Smollett of the University of Toronto recommend avoiding passive voice in communications. Active voice ensures you are staying to the point and taking ownership of your actions. For example, instead of "the project was completed by my team on time", consider "My team completed the project on time

2) Embracing digital channels

As 2016 draws nearer, now is the perfect time to enhance or even create social media profiles. With many tech-savvy members of the family visiting for the holidays, you might even find an assistant to show you the ropes and help you pick up the finer details of the internet. 

The holiday season is the perfect time to get digitally savvy.The holiday season is the perfect time to get digitally savvy.

Having a profile on job networking sites like LinkedIn is becoming a more commonplace expectation, with over 7 million Australian members recorded in the third quarter, according to Statista. Companies use these profiles to collect additional information, so you need to ensure it is comprehensive, easy to read and selling yourself in the best light.

Collecting recommendations and endorsements is also a good way to improve your professional creditability. If a client or manager was particularly happy with your performance, it can never hurt to ask for a brief blurb about your key characteristics.  

With your supporting materials ready to go, you'll be prepared to find the best job opportunities in the market heading into 2016.